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Our team members are well-trained and qualified consultants with over 20 years of experience in recruitment business. Find out and experience yourself directly how our customised and local approach combined with cutting edge and budget friendly options can help and support you to shape the winning working team your business deserve!

Our impact is a guarantee because we got the care of a small business but on the same time we are strong enough to make a difference. We cover both private and public sectors, recruiting highly qualified candidates for Hospitality, Healthcare Management, Human Resource, Marketing, Education, Finance and Accountancy, Construction and Cleaning.

Your business can benefit from a fully managed and professional recruitment process, saving your valuable time to concentrate on growing your business.


Jobs create a better future. It is our mission to provide effective recruitment solutions which enable our customers to develop and achieve their objectives.


We will find you the right person


Blue Crystal Recruitment are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team have great experience in recruiting human power for successful businesses all over London. Their knowledge empower us to find the best candidates for our customers from a large selection of potential staff.

We understand that not everybody can afford to spend fortune to find the best team member. That's why our terms are always flexible and competitive at the same time. Blue Crystal Recruitment is a standing proof that not only high street companies can have the best candidate.
Interpersonal skills...

Blue Crystal Recruiters are aware about the pressure that lays on customer's shoulders when it comes about selecting the best person for their businesses. Our aim is to develop trustworthy and long lasting partnerships with our customers based on respect and honesty.
Strong leadership...

Our overall success lays on the strong leadership skills of our experienced team members who are able to command projects even under high pressure. They are not only well organised and multitasking recruiters but at the same time understand and value the contributions of everyone in meeting customer needs.
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